Team Development and Team Coaching

Building success by building high performing teams

Teams are not ends in themselves, they are a means by which to achieve other organisational goals.” Empowered Work Teams Jossey Bass

Effective teams are the basic building blocks of any successful company. The most important factors in team performance are productive relationships between team members and clarity of objectives. Relationships between teams, within teams, with your clients, and with your suppliers, are the foundation of your organisations success. Twelve can work with you to develop any aspect of your team’s performance. We design customised team development and coaching processes which will ensure you see the improvements you want in the areas you select.

Benefits of Team Development and Team Coaching

Our clients typically report the following results:

  • Greater team effectiveness and output
  • Better and more enjoyable team working
  • Greater clarity and commitment to team objectives
  • Improved team stakeholder relationships
  • Creative conflict replacing destructive conflict
  • Higher engagement with task
  • Much improved team relationships