What our clients say about us

These are quotes from current or former client’s evaluations. References are available on request.

Executive Coaching

The coaching I received is one of the most effective personal development programs I have been through. It feels as though I have been on a journey and I come out at the end with far greater understanding and knowledge of myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and preferences.

I am more effective in my role. I have become far more objective and have reached a far higher level of emotional control. As a result I am able to step into situations and drive resolution irrespective of which parties are involved. I have become a far better mediator and negotiator.

Director with Global Responsibility, Heavy Engineering Company

My Executive Coach was extremely effective and, to put it simply, the coaching has had a profound transformational impact on my life. My Coach asked questions that forced me to think about my underlying assumptions and reasons I behave the way I do-what do I really want, who am I trying to impress etc. Not only did this help with very specific objectives we were working on (e.g. work-life balance, team leadership), it was a major contributing factor to me recently deciding to make a very significant career change. On occasion (and when asked) my Coach gave very useful feedback and observations but his real skill as a coach was drawing out insights from inside me and getting me to honestly evaluate myself and my behaviour.

The coaching I received was very effective. In particular my Coach helped me to focus more clearly on the importance of emotional/people intelligence in addition to conventional ‘rational’ intelligence (i.e. based on analysis, evidence, clarity of argument etc). In particular my Coach opened my eyes to recognise the importance of emotional factors (e.g. bringing people along with you, collaborating, creating positive shared objectives, empowering).

Director, National Environmental Organisation

The Coaching I received was extremely powerful, supportive and authentic. My coach helped me generate and explore difficult choices at a particular important transition point in my professional and personal life, which provided the charity I needed to move forward toward what promises to be a more fulfilling and satisfying future. I would strongly recommend Twelve Executive Coaching to anyone looking for a coach who focuses on thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in a deeply empathetic, appreciative and non-judgemental way.

Managing Director, Management Consultancy Company

I worked with my coach over a twelve month period. I had a new role at a very challenging time for my company. The role was not defined in any detail and the company were going through a very significant growth cycle, with all the associated issues that come with that. My coach helped me through some very difficult issues. The value of coaching is a difficult thing to quantify; but if I’m ever offered it again or am able to offer it to others – I won’t think twice, I’m a convert!

Programme Director Global Company

Team Development and Team Coaching

I would recommend Twelve’s positive and commercial approach, and their expert facilitation process, for others who require a significant shift in thinking and performance from a senior team, and significantly improved team results and working relationships.

Human Resources Director, Global Heavy Engineering Company

Twelve were engaged to work with a newly appointed senior management group to help develop us into a performing and self-supporting team. Twelve took a strengths based approach to our development using a tool called “Strengthscope”. I was pretty sceptical at the outset – a questionnaire and a series of workshops – one of them two days off-site at an immensely busy time – ughh! Two years on I’m still working with those guys, although we are mostly in different roles now, but we still work very effectively together. A large part of that is the fact that we really understand each other’s strengths and also our own. I know that I’m not as quick to implement as I could be – if I need this skill, I actively seek out others who I know are strong in this area. It’s become a mantra of mine and the teams I’m involved in; take on the role you’re good at and enjoy, it makes the day go quicker and the outcomes are usually better. If you’re in a role which does not play to your strengths, find someone who enjoys it and get them to help you if you can’t convince them to do it!

Programme Director Global Company

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Through the help of Twelve Executive Coaching we have resolved a very difficult problem between two senior individuals which was impacting business performance and which we were beginning to think was only going to be resolved with the departure of one or both executives. Not a good situation. The situation has been resolved, and both employees remain happily with the organisation.

Human Resources Director Medical Products Company