Executive Coaching

I work with leaders to help them progress their most important issues in today’s volatile world, so that with increased confidence and creativity they can overcome challenges and realise opportunities in new ways that feel completely right to them.

Having successfully coached, facilitated, and trained 100’s of leaders (both nationally and internationally) for many brands across different sectors for over fourteen years I invite you to contact me for an exploratory conversation to find out more about how I might assist you.

What leaders want from Executive Coaching (29 questions leaders frequently face)

I am often asked “What subjects do Executives bring to coaching”?

I have just completed a thematic review of over 150 leaders (2020) I have coached or facilitated in the past five years. The themes and questions that emerged are below:

  1. How do I lead through this crisis?
  2. How do I adapt my leadership for a VUCA* world? (Volatile, Uncertain, Ambiguous, Complex*)
  3. I have my own vision and plan but how do I create a shared vision and strategy?
  4. How do I turn my ideas into a compelling vision for others?
  5. How do I successfully lead my new team/remote team/regional team/global team?
  6. How can I give effective feedback?
  7. I have a difficult decision to make and both options I can see are terrible….I feel stuck…
  1. How do I get my team pulling together?
  2. How do I get my team to the next level of performance?
  3. How can I motivate my team? They are tired…
  4. How do I resolve the conflict in my team?
  5. How do I integrate my old and new team fast?
  1. How do I improve my relationship with my boss?
  2. How do I manage this difficult person/relationship?
  3. How can I build trust with this group/individual?
  1. How do I adapt my leadership to succeed with this significant business change or transformation?
  2. How do I start and sustain business innovation
  1. How do I get the promotion I want?
  2. How do I make a great start in this new role?
  3. How do I need to adapt to succeed in this big step up for me?
  4. How do I need to modify my approach to lead appropriately in this new country?
  1. How do I increase my influence and impact?
  2. How can I reduce my stress and workload?
  3. How can I increase my confidence– I sometimes feel like an impostor?
  4. My personal motivation/energy/efficiency/well-being are lacking-how can I get more?
  1. How do I create a strategy to implement my Vision?
  2. To go in our new direction, I will have to change mindsets and culture – where do I begin?
  3. How can I get out of day-to-day work to focus on the strategic issues?

29. How can I really engage my colleagues, staff and collaborators with this new project


With Twelve a quality coaching process

With every coaching assignment clients can expect…

  • The co-creation of written goals and success criteria for each topic raised-so as to be able to define success and measure progress to the results along the way
  • Face to face, video or telephone sessions as preferred for 90 minutes-typically six in number spread over weeks or months depending on the issue
  • Follow up work and ideas to implement between coaching sessions
  • Starting, middle and ending progress reviews and evaluation throughout the coaching process for both the client and their line manager (where appropriate).
  • Final evaluation and provision of further development plan where required