Resolving Workplace Conflict to Restore Performance

Resolving Internal Conflict to Restore Performance

Sometimes relationships between individuals at work deteriorate, negatively impacting business performance and causing stress for all those concerned. Your grievance and disciplinary procedures don’t seem to be helping. You want the issue resolved quickly and permanently and ideally with valued employees retained. There is a solution that can deliver all this – Workplace Conflict Resolution.

What is Workplace Conflict Resolution?

Workplace Conflict Resolution (sometimes called Mediation) is a Method for resolving disputes which is cheaper, faster and more beneficial for continuing relationships than traditional dispute resolution methods.  It can be used on a one off basis to resolve a specific issue, or it can be built into your normal company procedures so that people learn to address problems early using this highly effective process.  Over 90% of issues proving difficult to solve by other means, are resolved to the satisfaction of both parties by Conflict Resolution. (Source; Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution)

The Workplace Conflict Resolution process

One of Twelve’s personnel who are trained and experienced in Conflict Resolution will discuss your issue with you over the phone and will then agree a schedule of meetings with all concerned parties to resolve the issue. Most workplace conflicts of the kind described above are resolved quickly in one or two days with all the important parties present.