The Twelve Coaching Process

Your First Meeting

Your first meeting with your prospective Coach is used to answer your questions about coaching and to discuss the results you are seeking to achieve. We will offer you the chance to experience some coaching in order to help you decide if this is the right coach for you.

Coaching Meetings

Typically Twelve contract for between 6 and 9 90 minute sessions over a period of between 3 and 6 months. Duration depends on what sort of results we are aiming to achieve. All our work is customised for each client and so the number of sessions, duration etc is agreed with the client.

Measuring the Results

At the start of your coaching, your coach will agree with you a set of measurable outcomes or goals for your coaching. Twelve coaches are constantly reviewing the progress towards the agreed goals during every meeting. They will regularly review with you to check that you are satisfied with their coaching and the results being achieved.

Practical Plans to Implement Learning

With most clients there is an agreement for some follow up work to be undertaken between sessions and your coach will work with you to ensure that all sessions end with a practical plan to implement your learning back in the workplace.

Telephone & Email Support

In addition to your coaching meetings you can also work with your coach outside of these meetings by telephone or email when necessary.

Client Assessment Tools

Where necessary Twelve work with the client performance information that you wish to provide i.e appraisals, 360 feedback etc-or we can conduct such assessment ourselves when required. Twelve have access to several quality assessment tools and only use trained administrators for these tools.

Personal Development Plan

Where applicable a personal development plan is created with the client for ongoing development work after the coaching contract is ended.

Coach Evaluation

You will be invited to provide feedback on your Coach and your coaching experience throughout the contract. At the end of your work together, your Coach will invite you to complete a Coaching Evaluation Form so that we can capture detailed feedback.